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Our Lines

Electric Picks

Electric Picks is more than just another gold chain. Founded in 2011 by best friends MJ Carlson and Chantel Gia, the brand was born of the idea that jewelry holds our stories, and lives our experiences with us. Each piece is curated with thought, crafted with love, and destined to live your best adventures with you.

Clara Williams

In a playful mix-and-match tradition they call Style-Mixology, Clara William's necklaces and earrings can be effortlessly transformed thanks to their signature design features: an ingenious magnetic clasp and clever shepherd’s hook.

Arthur Court

Arthur Court Designs are at the forefront of innovative, functional tableware. With a flair for whimsy and a passion for nature, their designs are a timeless addition to the collections of countless connoisseurs with every new product debut. All their products are designed in California and hand-made by their artisans around the world.

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